Emulsion Heavy Fuel Oil

HFO Emulsions are direct substitutes for HFO, which is sometimes called fuel oil, bunker or residual oil. The water content of HFO can vary between 10% to 30% depending on the application and the customer’s need.

Fuel Oil Emulsions are products designed for boiler applications and large, slow speed internal combustion engines. FOE can be used in utility, industrial and commercial boilers, and marine engines.

Water content can range between 10% and 30% and additive content can range between 0.05% and 2.0%. FOE fuel can be tailored to enhance various boiler operating conditions. Fuel tailoring is mainly achieved through varying the water content.

Benefits emulsion heavy fuel oil are related to the environment. More complete carbon burn up reduces the opacity (smoke) and particulate matter emanating from the stack.

In addition, the secondary atomization allows boilers to operate with less excess O2, which consequently reduces NOx emissions.

NOx is created when nitrogen (N2) is combined with oxygen in the presence of heat. Reduced oxygen requirements translate directly into lower NOx emissions.